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My name is Mary.
I started this blog in 2009 to get some family recipes and stories in one central location, with one catch – everyone had to participate!
You see, there are a lot of us and we’re scattered all over the place.
Here’s a mini introduction:
After living in Belgium and South Africa for a few years our parents, Fred and Patty, moved all of us to a farm in rural Minnesota (not so rural anymore). There were six of us kids: Kevin, JP, Mary, Katy, Sean and Frank.   Below are our ugly mugs with our extended family/ies.

Thanks for peeking in!

Contact: foododelmundo{at}gmail{dot}com

Fred & Patty

Patty, Frank & Fred

Mom & Dad aka: Fred & PattyYou won’t see a lot of posts from Fred, but he surely enjoys reading them all!Patty is 100% Irish born on St. Patrick’s Day the o’ in Food o’ del Mundo is in her honor.  They’ve been keeping down the fort in Minnesota since we can’t even remember when.
Lives in St. Paul, MN with Kori, Sam and Tess (Grubbins).  He’s good at weekly menu planning and when he’s got the time, cooking with the kids.

760 JP Family

JP, Kori, Grubby (Tess) & Sam

Emma Sean

Emma & Sean

Sean Lives on Bainbridge Island in Seattle with his wife Wanda, and kids Emma and Gannon (Colin grew up and moved out on his own).  They have one of the highest contribution factors going here thanks in part to that cute Emma!
Frank is the only one who decided to take an alias.
He’s a real stinker and lives in Amsterdam.


Small KateKevRoseMary John

Kev, Rose, Mary, Katy & John

Lives in Alaska with Rose and travels to some very remote places for his work.  We love his stories when he has time to type them up.
Rose keeps him centered – we hope some day they’ll contribute some of their “Church of Chicken” recipes.
Mary (me)
John and I lived in Chicago for twelve years, and recently moved back to Minneapolis.
Also lives in Minneapolis and is a great entertainer. She has a Masters in Education, and we’re so grateful she has an undergrad in English (and Psychology) so she can keep Foodo looking like we know a little something about writing.  I still like to make fun of the fact that she burned boiled potatoes when we were kids!

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