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Cafe Latté Turtle Cake

July 4, 2016

~ Mary ~

Another Patty made this delicious knockout for a work birthday celebration. She’s my new idol, this new Patty! It’s her birthday today – how unfortunate! She said she’s never gotten a cake on her birthday – so I made one for her virtually. Somehow I don’t think it counts, I guess it’s the thought – NOT. Anyway – Happy Birthday new Patty!

This is a very straight forward cake that only looks difficult.
Make your favorite chocolate cake – my recipe follows
Toast 1-2 Cups of Whole Pecans
Make a Ganache – Recipe follows
Warm up 2 cans Dulce de Leche
To assemble the cake:
1. Level then lay out all three layers – top side down – and distribute ganache evenly over them.
2. Distribute toasted pecans evenly – making sure the most perfect ones land on the top layer!
3. Wait for ganache to cool completely!
4. Drizzle Dulce de Leche over the bottom two layers – save most for the top layer!
5. Place layers on top of each other.
6. Drizzle the rest of the dulce de leche over entire cake.
7. Devour!

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake

Grease and flour THREE 9″ Round Cake pans

Whisk together wet ingredients:

     1 1/4 Cups Sour Cream

     1 1/4 Cups Vegetable Oil

     1 Cup Coffee

     3/4 Cup Water

     2 1/2 Tbsp White Vinegar

     2 tsp Vanilla

     3 Eggs

 Whisk together Dry Ingredients:

     2 1/2 Cups Flour

     3 Cups Sugar

     1 Cup Dutch Process Cocoa Powder

     1 Tbsp Baking Soda

     1 tsp Salt

 add dry ingredients to liquid ingredients and stir until smooth.

Makes 4# 10oz (about 9 Cups of Batter) – portion out 3 cups per layer or weigh them out (1# 8oz per pan) to be even.

Bake at 350 for 40-55 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.

Cool completely, wrap in Saran and freeze until ready to frost – I store mine in the pan when I freeze them so they don’t get damaged.


Into a heavy sauce pan, add

½ Cup Heavy Whipping Cream

2Tbsp Kahlua

2 Cups Chocolate Chips

again, ON LOWEST HEAT POSSIBLE or double boiler – melt contents whisking occasionally
Let cool to luke warm.

Turn cake upside down and drizzle ganache evenly over completely cooled cake.


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