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Instacookie Gutbombs

July 23, 2011

Figs 61
~ Kev ~
Rose says that this recipe needs a new name, because it’s actually good.

Maybe Fiberius Maximus (Dulcetisimus).
Mary told me that half a cup of oats each day is good for the health. I believe it. Fiber and anti-cholesterol properties are legendary with oats. But savory flavor is not. Oatmeal is a food for very cold winter days when you have nothing better to eat and plenty of sugar, cream, and cinnamon to jazz it up with. But most days are not cold and wintery, so oatmeal gets pushed aside for real food. Well, here I am, a wiser older person for whom cholesterol and fiber have become terms used by medical professionals in relation to my own well being. Ugh. When both of these words were used in a single sentence I had visions of being restricted to a diet of sawdust and raisins. The physician’s assistant laughed and said, “No, it is not so dire.” Unfortunately, bratwursts were not included in his subsequent suggestions. 

Fig Paste 63

So we looked at a bunch of data on fiber and then a bunch of recipes and — booooring. It was all too much work. So Rose and I  concocted a fast pseudo-recipe that provided the benefits without all of the onerous work or the oatmeal mush. Rose says that I should work on the name, but that’s what started this off, so you can work with the results as you wish. Gutbombs versus Fiberius Maximus (Dulcetisimus) is just a start (yes, I know Dulcetisimus, which in my crude bird Latin means ever so sweet, doesn’t come up in a Google search, but that’s just because machines are still lagging behind the agile, fiber-stoked human mind). We chose this combo because the fiber digest has figs and oatmeal ranked very highly, and mixed they are great! Whip some up:

Instacookie Gutbombs

2 cups Rolled Oats
8-12 ounces Dried Figs
2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
Fresh Fruit or Fruit Juice your choice:this is just to loosen the mixture up a bit so the type and quantity are up to your discretion

Boil water. Stem figs. Pour water over figs to make about 1.5 cups of figs and juice. Let them soak for a bit. Put the rolled oats into a food processor and given ’em a few whacks on pulse. Dump in all the other ingredients and mix until it’s a consistency you like. Add more or less of anything you want. It should be like a heavy, grainy cookie dough. Put it into the fridge to spoon out at your leisure.

We have been eating this in a small bowl either by itself or with additions: toasted coconut or chocolate chips sprinkled on top, or with yogurt. It is so good that I am getting more than half a cup a day.

What’s the fiber count? Half a cup of oatmeal has 5 grams, and 3 figs have 10.5 grams. Sugar and butter don’t have so much, but they are pretty good nonetheless (thus their presence in most edible food recipes). A little over half a cup of this should give you more than 20 g of fiber, and without the agony of eating sawdust and raisins.

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  1. Pat permalink
    July 24, 2011 1:36 pm

    Woo-hoo!! Can’t wait to try them. Wish I had some right now!

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