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Curry Coconut Tenders

April 30, 2011


Sometimes recipes and photos will sit in the ‘to post’ pile waiting for a story, much like this one has for the past three months. Sadly, I am no story-teller. Sean, Fred and I fall into this same category, it’s all about the facts, and cutting to the chase, for us.  We like bullet points.

On the other hand, we have Patty (mom) who can spin a tale like nobody’s business. I guess that’s where Kev, Jp, Kate and Frank got their story-telling abilities, and it makes me very envious!


Well then, without further banter, these tenders are a great change of pace for a week night dinner. Enjoy!
Curry Coconut Tenders

Combine in a large ziploc bag:

2 lbs Chicken Tenders
1/3 Cup Lite Mayonnaise
2 Tbsp Curry Powder
1 tsp Kosher Salt
Seal bag and massage to coat tenders evenly.
In a wide, shallow dish or plate combine:
1 Cup Toasted Coconut – you can quickly toast a cup of coconut in a non-stick frying pan over medium heat for a few minutes.
1 Cup Panko Bread Crumbs
Remove chicken tenders from bag and coat with dry mix. Place on a sprayed cookie sheet and bake in a 425° oven for 15-20 minutes or until chicken is 165°.

Serve with:

Honey Mustard Sauce
Whisk to combine:
2 Tbsp Minced Onion
2 Tbsp Rice Vinegar
2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard
2 Tbsp Honey

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Pat permalink
    May 1, 2011 1:47 pm

    Woo-hoo! We’re having these for dinner TONIGHT! No tales to weave on that matter.
    I asked Fred, “Do we have any coconut?”
    He dug through the cupboard and came up with a new bag! My Hero!!
    So, now that my daily dilemma is solved; bring on the world’s problems!

    • foododelmundo permalink
      May 1, 2011 3:05 pm

      I thought Fred didn’t like curry!?

      • Pat permalink
        May 3, 2011 2:47 pm

        He never liked my South African curry recipe. The rest of us LOVED it. He likes curry, just not what he calls ‘your curry’. I always made it when he was out of town. He’d hardly be out the door and I’d be on it. When you kids smelled it, you’d ask, “Where’s Dad?”
        This recipe looks wonderful. I’m guessing he’ll love it!

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