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Beet Barley Risotto

December 18, 2009

~ Mary ~


Ever had a recipe that you like, but not enough to brag about it?  Here’s mine – not bad enough for the clunker pile – not good enough to say WOW.  But there are folks out there who LOVE beets – I know two – Katy & Patty – that would love this recipe.  For those of you who aren’t sure about beets this could be your ticket to give ’em a try.  They’re subtle here – it may not look it because it’s so red – festive no!?


Why the barley – well, we’re on a blood “scrub” trying to avoid those simple carbohydrates to lower our triglycerides.  Barley works great for risotto.


This one will work great as a side – personally I would never serve it as a main course for guests.



Beet Barley Risotto

inspired by Food & Wine November issue


In a large saute pan over med-high heat saute in some olive oil:

     1 Large Red Onion diced


Once translucent add:

     1 1/2 Cups Barley (not the quick cooking)


Toast for a few minutes then add:

     1 Large Beet shredded – you need 2 total, add one now and one at the end

     1 Cup Dry White Wine


Stir, stir, stir until all is absorbed then add:

     1 Cup warmed Chicken or Vegetable Broth


Again, stir, stir, stir until all is absorbed.  Continue to do this a cup at a time for a total of  6 cups of broth or more if you like your risotto soft.


Towards the last cup or two of broth add your other shredded beet.


Finish with Poppy Seeds and Grated Parmesan

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  1. pat permalink
    December 18, 2009 11:42 am

    Looks delicious!!! I love barley as much as I love beets! All that AND parmesan!

    Never a dull moment on foodo! Just when I thought nothing could be farther out than cauliflower dressed up for Christmas, along comes beets pulling the same trick!

  2. December 19, 2009 6:52 pm


  3. December 19, 2009 7:36 pm

    Wow – what a color! Nature’s paint palette at work. This dish is absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure it is delicious, too.

  4. December 19, 2009 9:32 pm

    The color is so vibrant!

  5. December 19, 2009 10:40 pm

    Wow, Wow!

  6. December 20, 2009 12:43 am

    Beet and barley, healthy combination. What a lovely colour. Am a fan of beet too. Check out my beet cutlets, beet jam and beet paratha-

  7. December 20, 2009 1:38 am

    That looks so colourful, healthy, warming and delicious. I would love a big bowl of that.

  8. December 21, 2009 8:42 am

    Looks wonderful. I love beets and make a pasta with beets sauteed with rosemary and olive oil. The color is always shocking and bright.

  9. December 21, 2009 10:38 am

    The color red is so rich looking. That would look awesome on a Christmas dinner table!

  10. December 21, 2009 1:52 pm

    Simple and great. I love beets too, but do mostly use them in soups or as salad. I will certainly thy this one.

  11. tastyeatsathome permalink
    December 21, 2009 2:06 pm

    So striking! What a lovely dish.

  12. December 21, 2009 2:17 pm

    Nice! I love beets.

  13. December 23, 2009 9:09 pm

    Oh wow, I really like your twist with the risotto – I wouldn’t of thought to do this! I didn’t see you’d posted this until after I posted my beet pasta – great minds! 🙂


  1. The Notorious C.J.T. › Xmas eve dinner

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