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London Part Two – Portabello Market

September 15, 2009

~ John ~


We had a great time in London!  Sure it was back in March but it’s better late than never.   Also check out London Part One – Borough Market.

It was my first time in London and what a great city!  It was easy to get around despite over 6+M people.  The city has such a storied heritage and proud citizens.






Mickey & Niki

Two under dressed folks from Belgium.





This market had a more working class, savvy traveler feel to it.




John, Mary & Mickey – Mary’s never been one for the camera…





It was very crowded!

There were a lot of tourists.  This market was more advertised in the travel sections than the Borough Market.





Mickey finds a friendly food vendor.





This was Manwich street food.  It was the first time I had boar.  A little tough (crispy pig skin) but flavorful.








A lot of pastry treats were scone like in texture.



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  1. pat permalink
    September 15, 2009 2:29 pm

    What a Market!!!
    I love all the pictures!!!

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