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Mango & Black Bean Salsa

July 10, 2009

~ Mary ~


John always comes home hungry and tired from golf and I have been feeding him a full meal – the only problem is it’s three in the afternoon and then he’s not hungry for dinner.  I finally figured out if I give him a high protein snack with a beer he does just fine – oh and a nap is key to beating off the grumpies!   We adored Katy’s Spicy Black Bean Hummus and will probably interchange between these two for the rest of the summer, but who knows I may get bored and try another somthin’ somthin’.



This is the photo of the salsa AFTER it’s been smashed in a plastic bag for optimal scoop-ability on an El Milagro or El Ranchero corn tortilla chip – CRUNCH!


Black Bean Mango Salsa


1-2 Mango’s Diced

1-2 Cups Black Beans

1-2 Limes Juiced – no zip – add more!

Handful Cilantro Chopped

Saute`d minced Garlic & Diced Onion

1-2 Diced Roasted or Fresh Tomatoes

Kosher Salt to taste

1-2 Seeded & Chopped Jalapenos


Throw everything in a medium to large ziploc bag.

Seal then massage/squeeze the hell out of it to get it all smashed together.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. July 11, 2009 8:05 am

    This looks gooooooood. We must be on the same wavelength, because I made a new, fancy-schmancy stack with a mango salsa last night. Holy cow! So good, I’m having leftovers for breakfast. Photos and recipes to come.

  2. Sean permalink
    July 11, 2009 8:55 pm

    So, where are the beans in the recipe????

    • foododelmundo permalink
      July 11, 2009 10:57 pm

      They’re in the picture! Thanks – I’ll fix it!

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