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Thai Raspberry Chicken Pizza

May 23, 2009

~ JP ~

So, I decided I’d make Chicken Pecker Pizza tonight. I got the breadmaker started making dough and began to gather the ingredients.

I soon realized we were out of sundried tomato paste, but found some Thai chile paste in the fridge. Its been there for years and I don’t know what we bought it for, but it tasted alright so I decided to use it instead of sundried tomato paste (thinned with olive oil as in the recipe). As I scouted other ingredients, I found we didn’t have any Thai peanut sauce. I didn’t feel like making it, but its important to cut the acidity of the Georgia Mustard. Unable to resolve this, I decided to skip them both and find something else to coat the chicken with during the stir fry. When I use chicken on a pizza, I try to prepare it separately with a flavor that will stand out from the other flavors. In this case, I needed something that would complement the Thai chile base on the crust. Lime or lemon would be good, but then I couldn’t find the citrus marinade I had bought (last year, at Menards). We did have some raspberry walnut vinaigrette that needed to go, so I figured that would have to do. Also, we were out of gruyere cheese, but there was plenty of mozzarella. So, hunger is the mother of invention tonight. So, I had:

1 chicken breast 

4 oz Raspberry Walnut vinaigrette salad dressing (Litehouse brand) 

2 cups mozzarella

1/4 cup olive oil 

4 oz jar Thai chili paste (probably 3 oz left) 

1/2 yellow pepper

While the dough was being worked up, I chopped and stir fried a breast of chicken, then added the vinaigrette. I decided to finish the bottle because our fridge is kind of small, so I dumped it in and it was a bit too much, I was really boiling the chicken now. It gave off a vinegary smell. Once cooked, I removed the chicken and added half a (sliced) yellow pepper to the bubbling liquid. The chicken was pale and unimpressive. I had doubts, but let the yellow peppers boil away until the sauce was thick and syrupy. I dumped this mess into another holding dish until the dough was ready. In the kitchen I found some other stuff I might use: 

Toasted sesame seeds 

– remaining from the last pizza I made (see Garlic Glazed Chicken pizza)

Green onionsgoing bad soon – but cleaned & chopped  

A Handful of peanuts – crush and sprinkle on top

Granulated garlic – sprinkle liberally over the top  

Kori asking Can I have some?

Kori asking "Can I have some?"

About this time, Kori came home, with dinner in-hand. We sat down and enjoyed gyros from Dino’s. But it was early and my dough was nearly ready so I soldiered on: 

1. Par bake the crust at 450

2. Brush with olive oil

3. Spread the Thai chili paste on the crust, then sprinkle with cheese

4. Top with all the other ingredients

5. Back into the oven for  ~ 12 minutes

The pizza turned out beautifully. The pallid chicken looked much better browned, but the real surprise was the yellow pepper. Their natural flavor blended with the raspberry really well, adding a sweetness to complement the Thai chili paste. Next time I’ll use more of both. We’ll call this one


Thai Raspberry Chicken Pizza
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  1. Frank permalink
    May 26, 2009 11:13 am

    I like the sound of Gyros from Dino’s.

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