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Bacon Explosion “Sammy”!

May 12, 2009


~ Sean ~

 While we did have three great meals Sunday, I’m here to report on the Bacon Explosion.  Check it out! 



It was a success but I’ll change a couple things next time.  I cooked it on the warming rack of the grill with just the two side burners on and foil under it, worried about a fire.  Next time I’ll skip the foil and maybe up the temp a little to get the outside bacon a little more done.  But let me tell you, that was one tasty sammy.  Don’t drool on your keyboards now. 😉





Mickey’s reply: Wow.  That is impressive.
Someone at the main Belgian grocery chain must have gotten wind of the
bacon explosion because when I went shopping for BBQ supplies last
Friday after work, I was surprised to see a *NIEUW* product in the meat
section.  It can only be described as the Belgian bacon explosion.
Understand that in Belgium everything is subdued, including explosions.
Really it was a big sausage loaf covered in bacon. 
We tested one and discovered it was best accompanied by maple syrup.
It was nothing like the masterpiece from Sean’s grill.


Bacon Eplosion                  




Got the recipe from here

2 lbs. Thick sliced bacon
BBQ seasoning/dry rub
2 lbs pork sausage
bbq Sauce

1.  Create 5×5 bacon weave (my bacon was wide so it came to a 4×4 weave)




2.  Sprinkle with bbq seasoning/dry rub
spread 1/4-1/2″ pork sausage over weave
3.  Cook remaining bacon break in to bite size pieces and sprikle on pork sausage
4.  Drizzle with BBQ Sauce
5.  Carefully roll sausage while separating from bacon weave




6.  Roll ‘back’ with bacon now on the outside
7.  Grill at 225-250 for 1 hour per inch of thickness
8.  Create breakfast sandwiches with hashbrown
patties, eggs, cheese and bread of your choice.



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