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Tulips in Holland

May 3, 2009


 ~ John ~


 Mary & I went to see the tulips in Holland, MICHIGAN and this was what we found.  Fatballs – they were mighty tasty!

We had a great time, but came to the conclusion that Patty could teach them a thing or two about putting on a show of tulips.  Another little treat we enjoyed in Holland-freshly popped and seasoned carmel popcorn.  There was just enough salt and sugar to balance the kernals.  Very nice treat!
On our way back to Chicago we stopped for lunch at Cranes Apple Orchard in Fennville.  We would usually pull off the freeway and eat at the nearest franchise, but since reading Two for the Road the hankering for local yolkal has been a calling.  The sign said this exit for Cranes Pie Shop and Cafe.  We exited and found NOTHING. We drove a few miles, doubled back and asked the woman at the farmers market – honestly there wasn’t a lot of buildings that we might have missed the cafe. Her reply sent us back again for another seven miles to our destination.  The extra few miles were well worth the fresh rye bread with homemade apple butter.
We also stopped at the Fenn Valley Winery and found some great summer wines.  The Fenn Valley Winery was a nice establishment.  The wine bar attendent alowed you to sample up to 5 selections.  She never suggested or was over bearing.  You made up your own mind.  One of the wines (Lakeshore Demi-Sec) is very similar to a wine that we really enjoyed while living in Columbus, which was also a home state wine.  There are several wineries along Route 94 between Gary, IN and Battle Creek, MI.  I pass these along the way en route to my account in Battle Creek. 
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  1. Sean permalink
    May 11, 2009 11:52 pm

    That little fat ball does look like a tasty little MN state fair type snack. So, what exactly is it?

    • foododelmundo permalink
      May 12, 2009 11:27 am

      A big ball of greasy dough slit in the center and filled with your choice of pie filling. We had apple.
      Not a go for the MN State fair though, because it’s not on a STICK!

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