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Pizza Eggs

April 25, 2009


~ J.P. ~

Growing up on a farm, our lifestyle lent itself to experimentation in several areas. One such area was the kitchen, where mom would try out new recipes and see how the flock would respond. The vast majority of these were successful, and we ate well all the time. But there was one ongoing experiment that sticks in my mind: pizza eggs.


Every Sunday after church we’d head home for brunch. And while brunch is usually simple enough to prepare, cooking for eight is always a production. Somewhere in my teen years, mom decided to invent pizza eggs. This was a great idea – everyone loved pizza! She’d beat the eggs, added tomato sauce, tossed in some oregano, mozzarella, and all kinds of pizza ingredients. It always smelled great, and everyone was excited – at first. But we’d always end up with a soupy red mess with strings of onion on our plates. She’d make adjustments and try something different next time, but the soupy mess persisted. We must have gone through this ten times before the words ‘pizza eggs’ inspired groans instead of excitement. Some moms learn faster than others. But mom’s pizza eggs disappeared from the menu and became part of family lore.


So, at the risk of bringing up unfavored (not unflavored) childhood memories, I bring you Pizza Eggs (white-boy style). Before you get started, understand there is no tomato sauce (eggs are runny, why add runny tomato?), and no mozzarella (eggs lack flavor, we need a cheese with flavor). These are more eggs than they are pizza


Pizza Eggs Ingredients:


2 slices of onion, chopped (no strings)

10-15 slices thick cut pepperoni, caorsely chopped

1 to 1 ½ cup grated aged cheddar cheese (I use Dubliner aged white)

6 eggs

1 cup milk

1 tomato (optional)

1 tsp oregano (optional)

Salt & Pepper as needed



  1. Saute onions and pepperoni on medium heat. Feel free to inhale.
  2. Mix 6 eggs in a bowl, breaking the yolks and stir in the milk until.
  3. Once onions and pepperoni are beginning to brown, add the milk, gently stir to mix everything together, and place a lid on top. Turn heat down to medium low, and let sit for around 10 minutes.
  4. While eggs are cooking, grate the cheese. After the eggs are cooking for 10 minutes, and are firm in the center,  sprinkle salt & pepper on top and add the cheese. If the eggs are done, turn off the burner and let sit for 3 minutes. Otherwise, leave the burner on a couple more minutes while the cheese melts.




5.  Remove from burner and let set up for 3-5 minutes.

6.  Serve with beer.


At this point you have eggs that taste like cheese and pepperoni. They’re mild, but tasty (‘white-boy’ style). Some of us prefer to sprinkle a little oregano and add a couple of cool tomato slices on top. Others (Sam) don’t like anything spicier than milk, so we hold off on the oregano. Still others (Tess) believe onions and tomatoes are fruit of the devil, and refuse to touch their eggs, save for picking out bits of pepperoni. If you feel compelled to please every weasel that sits at your table, leave out the spicier items, (onion, pepperoni, oregano) and the tomato, and make some runny eggs with milk (British style) and see if you like them any better than mom’s pizza eggs.




Or, just have the beer.


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  1. pat permalink
    April 26, 2009 3:48 pm

    Ah, the memories!!!

    Those Pizza eggs were one of my continual flops! I think everyone moved away before I gave up trying it! It just seemed so reasonable, with all those fresh garden vegetables, to poach eggs in a stir-fry vegetable medly. It just never worked! The tomatoes were always too watery.

    Scrambling the eggs is a great idea!

    You’re just missing the stir-fry vegetable medly…….maybe I’ll try it again this summer when the garden produce overflows the kitchen counter! Maybe with the San Marzano italian tomatoes I’m growing this year. Yeah, that’s the ticket, maybe I’ll give it another whirl….glad you mentioned it JP!

    Or, maybe I’ll just have a beer!

  2. April 30, 2009 10:47 pm

    Well, I’m sure Kori would like to experience your pizza eggs. After all I’ve told her about them several times. Besides, mine seem rather mundane to her by now.

  3. February 11, 2010 4:48 pm

    I actually like my eggs with ketchup sometime – pizza sauce on the *side* would be a perfect substitute in the case of pizza eggs. : D

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